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  • weight loss barley khichdi

    Barley Khichdi for Weight Loss

    Barley khichdi for weight loss is easy to make dish with healthy vegetables. And helpful to reduce weight up to 10 kg in a month. If you are on a diet or want to lose some weight then try this barley recipe for weight loss in your dinner or lunch. Barley is a superfood and …

    July 21, 2020
  • moong dal recipe for weight loss

    Weight Loss Moong Dal Recipe

    This weight loss moong dal recipe is very good for weight loss as it is very light to digest and high in fiber. Many nutritionists recommend moong dal for fast weight loss in their diet chart. As this is low on carb and this the best healthier option to lose weight fast, so you can …

    June 26, 2020
  • Weight loss oatmeal recipe

    Weight Loss Oatmeal Recipe

    This oatmeal weight loss recipe is very tasty as well as healthy and easy wat to lose weight fast as well as easily digestible. Nowadays oats include in very healthy diet list of those who really want to lose some extra fat. As you all know that the oatmeal weight loss recipe used in a …

    June 22, 2020